Mickelson National – The Par 3 Grotto

Par 3 holes can often be the most memorable and exciting holes on a golf course. Sometimes based on land that is awkward, a ravine or wrinkle in the land. Sometimes architects use par 3s as connectors to get to other areas. You hope each par 3 is different and has character enough to leave a golfer with an impression forever. Mickelson National has a very unique area where there are 3 par 3’s which all touch each other, all going in different directions, distances and feels. I affectionately call it the Par 3 Grotto.

The first of the trio is #3. Inspired by a moon scape, waste bunkers and fescue will handcuff your senses. Heading east you will see a snowman shaped green tucked in a small amphitheatre. The back tees are around 185 yards, typically down fan. There is a bail out area just left of the green but from the back tee only quality shots are the order of the day. From the forward tees, around 110 yards, it will be possible to putt it, you can run it up on to the green, no carry distance required. #3 gives you a real taste of the psychological and visual obstacles that Mickelson National will present. Make sure your sand game has some teeth, great white type teeth.

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